Welcome to the User Tips WikiEdit

hi welcome to the user Tips wiki here you will find out this wiki is full of Tips for new users any users can use the wiki for anything they want to know but nothings on the wiki that Jessie321 does not know but Jessie321 is a Pretty smart user so this wiki is very Helpful

Helpful Page ListEdit

  1. How to Edit your Profile
  2. How to Become a User
  3. How To Edit
  4. How to Start a wiki
  5. How to start dascusions
  6. How to write Blogs
  7. How to post comments on Pages
  8. How to add wikia fetures to wikis you made
  9. How to invite friends and family to wikia
  10. How to Join wikis
  11. How to stay out of wiki trouble
  12. How to make sure pepole are hideing their wikia password
  13. How to add a page to a wiki
  14. How to add phots to wiki pages

About WikiaEdit

Wikia is a Fantastic way to Explore stuff about your faveorite shows and alot of cool stuff youll sure have Fun on the wiki that will give you tips about how to use wikia it will befun i cant wait to give you a tour of our Tips wikia has Enertaind playing on the Computer and made it mutch more fur for Kids and Teens And has made up something kids would love to do learn about their faveorite shows Wikia is fun for Everyone to learn stuff about their faveorite show cant wait to show you Around lool Above for the tour of the Wiki

Geomag Annular Dodecahedron (side 3)

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